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Business Of Patriotism

Throughout the world, humanity, currently, is facing a real threat from nationalism and protectionism. In India, the atmosphere is no different. Since the last general elections in 2014, the country has been divided into two groups in every field. The repercussions of it are so bad that you just can't be neutral these days on any issue and both the groups will try to take you in their side through various ways. They will even criticize you for your stand and will not give you a chance to speak. Take a look at the ongoing tussle between a girl of a Delhi University and right wing loyalist about a video she has made. The whole matter started when Ramjas College in Delhi invited the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid to speak in a seminar called "Cultures of Protest" and the move was opposed quite aggressively by the members of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. The ABVP members not only blocked the entrances of the college b

Not All Are 'Islamophobic'

Islamophobia is a word to criticize and blame Islam as a religion for all the terrorist attacks takes place all over the world triggered by Islamic fundamentalists through various terror groups. Most of the people who blames Islam for terrorists attacks crosses the line by criticizing innocent Muslims who actually stand up against Islamic terrorism and shows their support to peace and prosperity all over the world, according to many experts and intellectuals. But, are we here not missing the fact that, all the terrorist of various religion, Sikh, Hinduism Christianity, Buddhism and Islam, are spreading the violence in the name of their religion. They are killing innocents and people of their own religion as well for the cause of violence and other nationalistic propaganda.

#AwardWapsee: A farce in a wrapper of intellectual responsibility

Where the son, who is serving in Indian Air Force, of a man who was killed by a Hindu mob says that he, still believes that Sare Jahan Se Accha Hindosita Hamara and three Hindus tried to save that man's family,  where a muslim women gives birth inside the Ganesh temple and some Hindus help her and she name the newborn baby 'Ganesh' and where a sikh uses his holy turban to save the people from drowning is the land of religious unity and tolerant society. Some unfortunate incidents happens and they must be condemned but these few hatemongers can't make my country intolerant. 

एक खुलासा

FTII Issue: It's Not About Chauhan, But The Unjust Decision

Bollywood films are highly popular for its flavours of cinema. Most importantly action. People in India just love action in the movies. However the film with all the aspects of film-making with balanced proportions, usually, becomes the blockbuster. That is why it's important to have a perfect balance in everything. In FTII issue, the problem is same. FTII, Film and Television Institute of India, which is based at the premises of Prabhat Film Company, Pune, is the topmost educational organization in the field of film making, running under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and directly under the full time aid from the Government of India, creating a buzz these days. The reason is the newly appointed chief of the FTII, Gajendra Chauhan and his expertise in the field of films and television. Gajendra Chauhan, popularly known as playing the character of Yudhishthir, in hugely famous TV serial Mahabharata, produced by none other B. R. Chopra. Apart from this, he has d

टिळक-गांधी संबंध

आत्ता कालच लोकमान्य- एक युगपुरुष बघून आलो. एक चित्रपट म्हणून तो सुरेख आहे. खरंतर इतिहासातील पात्रांवर चित्रपट चालणे, हे आपल्या देशात जरा कठीणच काम आहे. परंतु सध्याचे वातावरण पाहता  टिळकांसारख्या जहाल विचारांच्या महापुरुषावर चित्रपट असल्यामुळे तो चालण्याची शक्यता जरा जास्तच आहे. अर्थात, त्या चित्रपटासाठी केलेली मेहनत जरूर तो बघताना लक्षात येते. त्यातील कलाकार, तसेच दिग्दर्शक, लेखक अशा संपूर्ण चमूचेच चित्रपट बघताना जरूर कौतुक करावेसे वाटते. परंतु, चित्रपट बनवताना, त्यातील पात्र निवडताना आणि त्या पात्रासाठी योग्य तो कलाकार निवडताना काही त्रुटी जरूर राहिल्या आहेत. टिळक आणि गांधी तशा अतिशय विरुद्ध व्यक्तिरेखा. एक "लोकमान्य" तर दुसरा "महात्मा". तरीसुद्धा काही गोष्टी नाइलाजास्तव चित्रपटात मांडलेल्या नाहीत.

End of a "Cool" Era

From a ticket collector in Kharagpur to a most successful captain of the team of the most worshiped sport in the country, his journey have always been like an inspiring story. But in the longer format of the game, he, too, needed to face the harsh criticism. But as a true warrior he didn't give up easily. He stood up along with his boys and fought hard. That's why nobody thought, two days earlier, that he would be announcing his retirement from the game after one another overseas test series loss against Australia after losing the third boxing day test of the ongoing Border-Gavaskar trophy at Melbourne, Australia. But as he's famous for taking surprise decisions at crucial times on the field, he surprised all the cricket lovers across the globe by announcing sudden retirement from test cricket off the field as well.