An Inspirational Life: Vasudev Balwant Phadke

Indian Independence Movement has given us many big personalities who have performed an important role in demanding Indian independence from the British Government. Some of theme were trying complaisantly to retain Indian independence, some them were acting exactly opposite to it. Both groups were trying their hard for the only reason which was INDEPENDENCE....they were extremely passionate for it. They loved their country more than their own lives. Their dedication, their sacrifice for the country is not at all comparable to till date.

Today we are going to discuss on the personality who was similar to the the group of some aggressive men who fought in the Indian Independence movement. The name is none other than Vasudev Balwant Phadke. Vasudev Balwant Phadke was one of the revolutionary who fought against British Raj for Indian independence. He was the founder of Ramoshi community as well as the co founder of Poona Native Institution, which is now referred as Maharashtra Education Society. Panvel-ingenerated Phadke was belonged to the Marathi Chitpavan Brahmin Family. His teacher Lahuji Salve or Lahuji Vastad was a former wrestler as well as a volunteer in independence movement. Phadke learnt all the lessons of wrestling form his teacher. Lahuji Salve also taught him the importance of Backward Classes of Indian Society in Indian independence movement. He and his 300 men are also famous for controlling Indian city in Maharashtra named as Pune for few days. 

Highly influenced Vasudev by the speeches of Mahadev Govind Ranade on Indian Economy, gathered all his Ramoshis for the rebellion as he didn't get support from the other educated classes. He,then gathered all the people from the different communities like Koli, Bhils and Dhangars. He was ruling a privately-owned army of that time and also looted some British offices in Indian villages for the fund generation. He started this activity in 1875, after Gaikwads the ruler of Baroda defeated by Britishers. He used to live in Thanale-Khad samble Caves in Nadsur village near Pali when he was trying to escape from Britishers. These caves are giving the proves of living of that great man at that place to till date. 

On 20th July of 1879 he was captured by the Britishers, while fighting with Britishers in village of Ghanur, as he was betrayed by one of his own man and sentenced for life imprisonment by the British Government. He was then transferred to Aden,Yemen to live in prison. The ferocious leaders also tried to escape from that prison also. On 13th February of 1883 he took the door off from its hinges and tried his last escape. Unfortunately, it couldn't be last for long he was captured again and again settled into the prison. Fro that day he announced a hunger strike till death and was died on 17th February of 1883. 

He lived and died for the only reason that he wanted his country to be freed from the British rule. He fought very hard against the Britishers. Many of us are unknown with the fact that he was the first person who was demanding Indian Republic to the Britishers. He was the first Indian who used "Republic of India" for the first time. I think he was fought against British rule in India relentlessly because he knew that British government was not hearing the language of congenitalism anymore. Someone had to give the TIT-FOR-TAT type answer to the enemy and he exactly did the same. After 1857 Rebellion, Britishers were the only ruling group remained in India. They made the rules and regulations which was for their profit and someone had to give fightback to them and he exactly did the same. He counter attacked Britishers by ammunition and more than that he gathered all the people without any caste-dominance and fought with the oppositions. Many people criticizes his work nowadays only for a reason that he was from Brahmin family, but I think we should respect his work, his sacrifice, his dedication towards India the fellow Indians. He never backed the casteism, the proof is his own guru Lahuji Salve was from the Mang community which consisted into the untouchables but he respected his teacher as well as the sayings of his teacher by acquiring Backward class into the independence movement. 

Yesterday was the 121st death anniversary of that great personality. I bow to him as I consider him as the man who taught India how to live fearlessly and how to counter ourselves at the important times.


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