Manya Surve: Exposed

January 11,198 a 1230  Hrs.- Mumbai Crime Branch got a tip from an unknown source, that Manya Surve would be arriving at the garden near Ambedkar College at Wadala to meet his girlfriend.18 Crime Branch Officers made the teams of 3-each and dispersed themselves into the various parts of the target area.

January 11, 198                    at       1300  Hrs.- All the traffic and public around the area of Ambedkar College,Wadala were cleared out.All the arrangements were took place for the trapping of the criminal who gave a lot of headache to the Mumbai Police by Committing strong crimes.

That was not the first time they were trapping him.On June 20,1982 they also performed the same but that time Manya was successfully hoodwinked from their trap.After that many times he survived.But on that day,they were fully ready to arrest the criminal.

January 11,198 a 1350  Hrs.- Manya Surve came near Ambedkar College,Wadala by a taxi and landed at the garden where his girlfriend waiting for him.At that place Inspector Tambat,called Manya to surrender under the orders of Sr. Inspector Mr. Isaque Bagwan.Manya denied the orders and before he could fire gun at the police's end five bullets were took their way and penetrated Manya's body. Manya collapsed and cursed the Mumbai Police very harshly,according to the interview taken of Inspector Tambat after the incident.After that he was supposed to admit in the KEM hospital but on the way of the hospital Manya died.That was the end of Manya Surve.

This is the story of the first official encounter Mumbai had ever seen.It was also the end of the fight between Mumbai Police and the chapter in Mumbai Underworld,which threatened Mumbai in lat70s. This story became very famous when it was adopted by the top filmmakers of the country for producing a big budget flick.They produced the movie also.But the story they narrated in the movie,I think,was not fully a truth.I think they changed negative character to a positive one and then showed to the common people. Although they did that for their success,they threw the youth of the country in the wrong direction.So,what is the real truth? For that we need to go some years behind.Let's discuss in detail.

Manohar Arjun Surve was born in the year 1944 at Ranpur in Ratnagiri District of the Maharashtra state in India.After clearing SSC he got the admission at the Kirti College of Dadar in the Arts stream.But after admitting into the college he engaged himself in various criminal activities instead of studies.He,his brother who was also the so called Don of his area Bhargaw alias Bhargawdada and his gang were famous for executing criminal activities in those days.They looted a man called Dandekar for the first time and was arrested by the police.Advocate Kalshikar and the prosecutor made a strong case against them and were successful in sending them into the Yerwada Jail.It is also said that Manya pledged there that he would teach a lesson to the prosecutor as well as Kalshikar for sending him into the jail.In Yerwada Jail,he was also the same man like he was in his area.His actions were like an animal and the jail authorities were superbly tensed about his behavior,according to the sources of Yerwada Jail of a famous newspaper.After that he launched a Hunger strike in Yerwada Jail.His health was superbly downgraded after that and the jail authority had to took him to the hospital.Later,He escaped from the jail and created his own gang that was also famous for performing crimes like extortion,bullying,mugging and sometimes rapes also.The gang was created a massacre in the society which was not stoppable.The society was going through a pressured atmosphere at that time and was tremendously scared by the actions of the gang.

The notorious criminal was encountered by the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police Department at the end.Many police officers said that the Manya Surve and his men were monsters.They tortured the people like animals.They were strongly attached to the criminal world as well as the criminal activities.But we people made Manya Surve a hero because of what...the answer is the movie.agree that he was quite a brilliant student and he would had been successful in his future but for that he must had studied well.But he didn't. Instead he was interested in other mischievous activities.He was changed after that into a very bad criminal.He changed into an harmful personality to the entire society.That person should had been died and I think the police done their job.This person,I think,don't deserve to be a hero.But yes,his character is the best example of what not to do after you get admitted in colleges.

One more thing I don't like about the people did related to his character that they made his image a face of religion and community.One post I have seen on social networking sites when the movie on his life released.The Hindu religion of Manya Surve and his famous quarrel with other Muslim gangs like D-Company made him superbly famous nowadays.People are saying that he was the first Hindu don.The post I am talking about is related to it.I didn't understand what people wants to say.Are they trying to say that becoming a don of a gang is like something achieving the impossible? If he was Hindu don than what is right with it.He killed many persons who are of many religions.He killed Hindus also.I think he didn't owe to any religion he was just a criminal who wanted to became the only don of Mumbai and wanted the common people to follow his orders and for that he didn't mind to pressurize them or forcing them to follow his orders.

So,I think,we made him a hero which is not worthwhile. We should not follow the people like him for our successful future.Eventually,its your decision to accept him as an idol or not.Thank You...

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