Introduction To A Book: RAGHU, Rearview My Roadies Journey

I have been reading a new book since last few days. I have been hearing many stories about this book and its author. A rude man on entire Indian television World. I know that most of you have found out the personality about whom I am talking by the title of this post. Yes, dear reader I have completed a reading of this book and now came up with my opinion on the book. First of all, let me clear that I am not giving any reviews about the book, instead I am writing this post for giving my personal views of the book. I am writing about the book because since 1-2 years I never been in contact with such well-written book. There is also one more coincident with this. You know, yesterday was the world's storytelling day. So, I wanted to write on the topic related to it. But then I thought why not I write on this book, as it's the best example of how to tell a story through words to the readers. 

As we all know Raghu Ram and his twin brother Rajiv Laxman are the most rude guys in entire Indian television world, we always want to know about their lives if possible. We want to become like them or do things like them. So,on that note on the occasion of completion a successful decade of their show ROADIES telecast on MTV India, they have published their story in the form of book so that their fans can know who is Raghu and what exactly the Roadies is?? This book contains full life of Raghu and Roadies. Since his birth to the till date. I have quiet much interest in the Raghu Ram. I don't know why but I feel that something is not common between him and others. I don't like Roadies, though but I like the whole personality of its creator. That is why I bought the book and went on to explore it, and you will not believe but it was something amazing while reading that book. It's like Raghu, the author, talking to me. If you read the book, you will found out that there is no such big words in it, nothing at all but the presentation of the words and statement is like the author and a reader are sitting on a beach and author is telling all his story to the reader. Man, that is true storytelling. I think writing a book in a style where you easily get connected to your reader is amazing and that is what actually matters. This book exactly done the same. You will not handover it easily, if you are a true reader. 

Turning to story of a book, as I stated earlier this is book all about Raghu and Roadies but you will never feel that you are reading a traditional autobiography of anything else. The different and unique style of storytelling will bind you strongly to the book. The story of two brothers who are dropouts by the prestigious Delhi University and not at all interested in studies in their college days, went on to become a high class executives of top youth television channel of the country, obviously, is the most focused point of the book. Working in this industry is just a desire for them like every teenager in the country who want to become an actor. But they went ahead of it and now they are one of the top VJs of this country. I think, the story is not different than a boy who just like to follow his dreams and not else. The story is absolutely no different than the most successful persons in the world but the way he has presented it, man, you will feel that you are reading something different than usual. You need to just read it once. I am sure that this book will make you to feel once again on whatever you are doing in your lives. You will, definitely, feel something unusual after that which is required for human beings mostly the youth population of the country who likes surf on virtual social networks and internet, nowadays. This book is, I think, for them who have taken a wrong direction in their lives and want to get back on track.  

The most important thing of the book, and the thing I like in this book most are exactly the same. This book focuses on the real talent and not on the "EXAM-TALENT". Your education is not what you learn in schools but what you learn in your entire life by experiencing the thing happening around you. Education is not just the study of different books of the curriculum. Its the study of power of analyzing yourself in the entire world. This book exactly underline the same. The true education system is where you can choose whatever field you want to choose without any hesitant and doubt. That is why the most successful persons in this world have the similar background of dropping out of this pathetic education style. They have adopted the new education and that is why they have now successfully achieved something in their lives. This book is all about the same. 

I will suggest you to buy and read the book as early as possible. You will definitely not be disappointed. 

GO READ IT..>>>>    


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