Not All Are 'Islamophobic'

Islamophobia is a word to criticize and blame Islam as a religion for all the terrorist attacks takes place all over the world triggered by Islamic fundamentalists through various terror groups. Most of the people who blames Islam for terrorists attacks crosses the line by criticizing innocent Muslims who actually stand up against Islamic terrorism and shows their support to peace and prosperity all over the world, according to many experts and intellectuals. But, are we here not missing the fact that, all the terrorist of various religion, Sikh, Hinduism Christianity, Buddhism and Islam, are spreading the violence in the name of their religion. They are killing innocents and people of their own religion as well for the cause of violence and other nationalistic propaganda.

A great Muslim reformer and an activist, Hamid Dalwai, stood for reform in Islam and to make it more humane. He, in his whole life for only cause to bring peace modernism into Muslim community. Was he a Islamophobic??? Just because he ignored all what have been said by prophets ans clerics of Islam and fought against orthodoxy in Islam, was he a Islamophobic?? Many people in Islam fought against the hypocrisy in the religion and to get it away from the reach of those Mullhas and fundamentalists who just want to spread violence and terror in the name of Islam, and all of them cannot be called as Islamophobic and agents of America and Israel.

We need to accept the reality that every religion, not just Islam supports, terrorism and violence in various manner. Every religious terrorist stands up for his religion and for the betterment of his own religion, without accepting the need of reform. Hence, the journey for this terrorist goes in the fundamentalism and terrorism as he just cannot agree that people of other sects and faith co exist with his faith under one roof.

This is what happening in Islam, today. Muslims must need to study their own faith and bring much needed reform into it to cope with today's scientific and modern world. The pace of reform in Islam, unfortunately, has always been very slow as compared to Hinduism and Christianity. Many names Sufism, but it doesn't deal with reform goes ahead with existence of god without questioning it at all. It agrees to live with other faiths but it just don't question various doubts in religion and various unlawful traditions. Hinduism, without accepting the fact that it contains various traditions which are highly inhumane and a curse for humanity, has a good history of reform and blasphemy originating from the Charvakas. It is a fact that,many people, stood against casteism and many fetishes to lift the Hindu community and to upgrade it from orthodoxy, Same goes with Christianity. However, in Islam it is very slow. Muslims cannot blame Americans and westerns for keeping them uneducated and for not doubting their own religion, although I agree to an extent with the fact that western countries tried to infiltrate Muslim countries for their own selfish purposes.

Today, Islamic terrorism is reach to a level where they are ready to kill all those who creating obstacles into their violent causes, even if they are from their own sect and faith. It is increasing on such a level that these terrorists are killing all those who are try to differ from their sect and who try to doubt their actions. It is an effect of not questioning various unlawful activities which religions are filled with. They are at the stage, where they don't want to stop in their violent inhuman causes. Check out the Twitter profile of Burhan Wani, a militant who, according to many, was fighting for freedom of Kashmir from India, was actually a product of unreformed Islam. It is human's own mind is the highest and it needs to be trained to question, to doubt and not to follow what is being put in front of them blindly. This implies to everybody following various ideologies.

It is absolutely wrong to categorically state every Muslim a terrorist as there are terrorists in all religions and all of them are fighting in violent manner. But to label all as Islamophobics who are questioning Islam and saying that religions does inspire terror is unjust and need to be countered immediately. All the religions of this world should be either reformed at every stage or need to be destroyed as they don't serve the purpose of betterment of whole human society. With the same logic, Islam should be reformed at a bigger stage every Muslim should support reformation if they really want to live in peace and don't suffer want to suffer in international community.

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